Sara McGrail

I’m a long time observer and commentator on UK public policy with a background in substance use, mental health and community development.

Collective Voice

Recently a new drug and alcohol policy group has been making a stir in England. Called “Collective Voice” this group have a stated aim of “ensuring that the voices of the drug and alcohol treatment sector and those who use our services are represented effectively”.

All well and good. Since the demise of DrugScope many people have been concerned about the lack of a voice to represent the interests of those affected by drugs and alcohol.

The group comprises 8 of the largest organisations providing drug and alcohol treatment services in England. So that’s CRI, Addaction, Cranstoun, Swanswell, Turning Point, Blenheim CDP, Lifeline Project, Phoenix Futures.

As a group of organisations they have a combined turnover of £380 million - and an impressive record of growth. They are the dominant voices in the sector. And what are their concerns? Well they are pretty unambiguous about that...

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